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Did you know that you can also get insurance coverage for a light entrepreneur through Ninjou?

It is safe to bill through Ninjou as a light entrepreneur who works as a freelancer through Ninjou

Ninjou is the most agile billing service for light entrepreneurs. Our service fee of 3.9% also includes insurance cover for freelancer light entrepreneurs. Read the article to find out what the insurance coverage offered by Ninjou includes.


Light entrepreneur's liability insurance provides protection against possible injuries at work. The risks faced by a freelancer as a freelancer always depend on the industry, but you should be especially prepared for them if the job is physical or involves any security issues or risks for either you or your client. Ninjou's service fee includes light entrepreneur liability insurance regardless of the sector. Care insurance is also included in the service fee through Ninjou.

The insurance coverage for light entrepreneurs brings certainty to gig work

The deductible for the liability insurance for light entrepreneurs working as freelancers taken out through Ninjou is EUR 600, which you pay if damage is caused to the customer's property or other employees. The rest of the damage is compensated by the insurance company. The final indemnity decision is always made by the insurance company.

However, it is good to remember that insurance does not cover so-called professional misconduct. If you have taken up work for which your professional skills are insufficient or if the insurance company considers that the damage should have been avoided on the basis of your professional skills, no compensation may be paid.

  • Example one: A light entrepreneur freelancer billing through Ninjou, who is an electrician qualified for independent work, makes a connection error that causes a major short circuit and damage to the customer. Liability insurance does not cover damage, as this is a professional misconduct that should have been avoided on the basis of the professional skills of the electrician. In this case, the electrician is solely responsible for the compensation.
  • Example two: An electrician who is a freelancer and light entrepreneur billing through Ninjou accidentally falls off a rack on top of another employee and the employee is injured. The insurance company compensates the injured employee, deducting the deductible from the indemnity amount. The YEL insurance for an electrician working as a light entrepreneur, as well as any voluntary accident insurance with the right to a daily allowance, cover the electrician's own injuries and loss of earnings. If the insurance cover is entirely dependent on YEL, YEL's annual income level must be sufficient. Learn more about YEL and other insurance coverage for light entrepreneurs in this blog.

The maximum amount of liability insurance paid by the insurance company is up to one million euros. It also covers up to EUR 250000 in damage to seized property, such as a third-party machine. The decision to compensate and pay for liability insurance is made by the insurance company If. The agreement is between Ninjou and If and covers work invoiced by light entrepreneurs through Ninjou, ie assignments.

Medical expenses insurance through Ninjou

When using Ninjou's service for freelancer light entrepreneurs, you automatically get free accident treatment insurance for light entrepreneurs, which covers accident treatment costs up to 17,000 euros without deductible. The insurance is valid during working hours at the work site, but not on a work-related trip. The insurance does not pay a daily allowance for loss of earnings. To compensate for loss of earnings, you need YEL insurance that is high enough for your income, and we also recommend voluntary insurance to protect your finances. More about YEL and the voluntary insurance coverage of a light entrepreneur in this blog.