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Developer! Stop the paperwork!

Light entrepreneurs working joyfully

If you are a software developer working as a light entrepreneur, you may want to choose a fast, flexible and easy solution as your invoicing service. With Ninjou, the service adapts to your needs and not the other way around. This allows you to concentrate on much more important things – Don’t waster your time with numbing paperwork, which could be easily outsourced.

Which one is better for a software developer – a service percentage of 3.9% or a fixed monthly fee?

Light entrepreneurship with a service percentage?

Ninjou’s service percentage is among the most affordable ones on the market. It includes all necessary paperwork related to invoicing or payrolls. If light entrepreneurship is only a small part of your income structure, we recommend using our service-fee based model of just 3.9%.

Light entrepreneurship with a monthly fee?

If you invoice large volumes, our fixed monthly fee might fit you the best.

The advantage of our monthly fee is, that it is easy for you to evaluate your monthly expenses and there are no hidden costs. If your income suddenly rises significantly, the monthly fee still stays affordable, no matter how much you invoice.

After exceeding a certain income level, the fixed monthly fee may also become cheaper for you than the service percentage. Ninjou Oy offers its services to volume invoicers at a fixed monthly rate, starting just from 69 € a month. The service fee includes a liability insurance, which is necessary in consulting related to software development. Ask more from our customer service .

Contact us and request an offer

The most important thing is that you find the model that works best for you. Whether your income is large or small, Ninjou offers the most competitive solution on the market.

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