Entrepreneur, random invoicer or worker: what exactly is light entrepreneur?

by Ninjou Team
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In the grey streets of early winter in Helsinki area, it is impossible to avoid seeing light entrepreneurship ads around you: OP light entrepreneurs stare at you from the metro corridors and even inside buses ads from ukko and eezy shine on your face, depending on which line you travel on. With these larger players with a lot of visibility the term “light entrepreneur” is becoming familiar to the masses. Still, many remain in the dark as to what it actually means.

Who is light entrepreneur?

You can become light entrepreneur through services offered by banks or invoicing services, specialising in serving light entrepreneurs. Some offer the option to stay “just an invoicer”, with others, you get your own individual Business ID (y-tunnus in Finnish). If you remain “just invoicer”, then your invoices will have the Business ID of the invoicing service provider. You have plenty of options to choose from. In this jungle of various service providers, Ninjou has already been serving people wanting to invoice without going through the trouble of establishing their own company since 2013.

What all light entrepreneurs share in common is that they truly want to focus on what they do the best, whether it is being a makeup artist, musician or IT consultant. Sometimes light entrepreneurship works as a phase before establishing your own company. It is a risk free way to try out selling your hours, but it can be a permanent way of working, too. In Finland, light entrepreneurs even have their own association, Uusi työ ry (uusi työ means “new work”). Their vision is to make light entrepreneurship a permanent and real part of the Finnish working life. They approximate the number of light entrepreneurs to rise well over 150 000 people already during 2019. Other interesting statistics about light entrepreneurs can be found here.

Light entrepreneurs have also been recognised by “the heavy” entrepreneurs. For example the Finnish association for entrepreneurs, Suomen Yrittäjät ry, has welcomed light entrepreneurs as members since 2018. Their pages are worth a visit, e.g. for a fairly good article on light entrepreneurship (in Finnish).

Ninjou billing service in a nutshell


  • Service fee 3,9, or even less. Negotiable.
  • Especially popular among the creative and IT professionals.
  • Salary calculator.
  • Salary advance available on certain terms (service fee 7,5%).
  • Billings and cost reductions for non-Finnish transactions possible.
  • Service fee includes: easy billing, fast salary payments, certificates, debt collection, personal service and advice on request, handling of employer fees.

Ninjou is more than a regular billing service. Our base value for doing business is humanity and keeping up relations. We depict this in our name, Ninjou, which is Japanese meaning humanity and human relations. We want to create a trusting relationship, where we both can thrive. Whatelse we look for in our relationships?

We want to be that nice workmate, who you want to spend your coffee break with. Who you can trust your finances, like information on your invoicing amounts and salary. And who you know will be there also on the rainy days.

Our aim is that you can experience joy and trust in the ease of invoicing while using our service. We are always open to hear your feedback, if there is some part of our service, where we could serve you even better. We are always open to new ideas.

Services from Team Billing to Debt Collection

With Ninjou you can effortlessly invoice teamwork, too. We help you when your customers payments lag behind and help you think of the most suitable option for debt collection. When needed, we can provide salary advances, as long as certain terms are met. This can be a true saviour, especially during this time of year, when there are several public holidays upcoming.

Registering as Ninjou user is free of charge and you can familiarise yourself with our service with no commitment. Charges only apply when you send out invoices. Our basic service fee is currently very competitive and clear 3,9% from the invoice amount, no hidden costs. Your salary will be paid to the account given usually on the day the customer pays the invoice. The latest always the following working day.

Now, together with our new website, we are launching Ninjou blog, to accompany you on your coffee breaks like any workmate. Our blog’s purpose is to offer topical posts on issues which you could find interesting or simply helpful in your daily business. You can send us suggestions on desired topics to the address markkinointi@ninjou.fi. We would be pleased, if you could share our articles, so that more people can benefit from the issues we write about. After all, we all have that small piece of entrepreneurial spirit in us, just waiting to be awaken when we get a chance!

Welcome to the easier way to becoming a light entrepreneur with Ninjou. Give yourself a Merry Little Christmas by joining Ninjou!