Freelancer vs. light entrepreneur – What do they have in common?

by Ninjou Team
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Which one is easier, working as a freelancer or as a light entrepreneur? What do these titles have in common? Find out about the differences and similarities between a freelancer and a light entrepreneur.

A freelancer delivers their tax card to several companies

Some freelancers only work with a tax card and others through their own company. Typical freelance jobs include expert professions such as translator, editor, software developer, or other creative jobs such as photography or acting. However, setting up your own business often brings more bureaucracy and obligations.

Freelancers usually must deliver their tax card to all the companies or associations they work for. For a busy freelancer, it may create some additional work and it is harder to keep track of all the income sources and salaries from here and there.

When a company purchases services from a freelancer working with a tax card, it creates extra work for the purchasing company, as they also have to pay taxes and other employer side costs in addition. This is why many companies often prefer to receive invoices from either a business or through an invoicing service. Find out more about becoming a light entrepreneur.

Light entrepreneurs outsource their paperwork

A light entrepreneur invoices his or her work through an invoicing service, which is why they do not need to own a company to invoice. However, a light entrepreneur can operate like a freelancer by working for multiple clients.

Almost every job that is traditionally thought of as freelance work, can also be performed by a light entrepreneur without owning a business ID. 

The work and its terms are agreed by the light entrepreneur and the company purchasing the service. Once the work is done, the light entrepreneur invoices their services through the billing service. After the invoice is paid, the invoicing service will pay the salary into the light entrepreneur’s account and handles the mandatory paperwork on their behalf.

As you sell your services to other companies, all the work you do for one company can be easily added to a one single invoice. Ninjou will take care of necessary paperwork, such as taxes, VAT and your payroll. All you have to do is send invoices for the agreed assignments when your work is completed. At the same time, you get payroll receipts, an invoice filing tool, and other useful services that make your everyday life easier when juggling with multiple customers. Find out more about Ninjou’s services.

What on earth is a light entrepreneur?

  • A light entrepreneur sells his or her skills independently similarly to a freelancer.
  • As a light entrepreneur you don’t need to set up your own business. Our invoicing service handles all the necessary paperwork and invoicing on your behalf.
  • As a light entrepreneur, you receive all your salaries from all your invoices from one place.
  • If necessary, Ninjou Oy can also handle the collection of unpaid invoices on behalf of the light entrepreneur.

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