Can I become a light entrepreneur and does it work for me?

by Ninjou Team
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Light entrepreneurship is literally a more lighter way to work for another company.

Light entrepreneurship is definitely for you if you want work part time in addition to a full-time job without unnecessary bureaucracy, if you want to gradually move on to entrepreneurship from full-time work, try entrepreneurship or accumulate your professional skills while studying. Light entrepreneurship might also be a good way to eventually get hired by the company that purchases your services.

What does light entrepreneurship mean?

As a light entrepreneur, you employ yourself or you can earn extra income by invoicing. A light entrepreneur acquires his or her own customers and calculates the optimal price for their work.

A light entrepreneur is not an official term, but nevertheless a descriptive one. A light entrepreneur is somewhere between an employee and an entrepreneur, as a light entrepreneur is covered by the entrepreneurs’ pension, YEL as in yrittäjän eläkevakuutus. On the other hand, from a taxing point of view, a light entrepreneur is considered an employee.

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As a light entrepreneur, you should be aware of the differences between part-time and full-time entrepreneurship. To be considered a part-time entrepreneur and to be able to receive adjusted daily unemployment allowance, one should be able to accept a full-time job without interference. Entrepreneurship is usually considered full-time when weekly working hours prohibit the possibility to accept a full-time job.

Who does light entrepreneurship suit for?

Light entrepreneurship is suitable for anyone who wants to sell their know-how, for example as additional income along with working or studying full time.

A light entrepreneur can be someone selling a skill, expertise or an ability, without having to worry about limitations brought by an employment relationship. Another perk of light entrepreneurship is that you get to choose your own customers and working hours. Good examples of practices suitable for light entrepreneurship can be for example, a dancer, a musician, a consultant, an expert, a developer or an educator. However, light entrepreneurship is not recommended for retail.

Which of the options below would you pick?

1. Go for light entrepreneurship in addition to your main income

Many who enjoy a permanent job have hobbies and passions they may not have the ability to foster in their day job. Many also want to maintain their professional skills by doing other work on a part-time basis. Whichever the reason is, as a light entrepreneur you can do part-time work easily in addition to your main job without extra paperwork or bureaucracy.

2. Go for light entrepreneurship while studying

Do you have a passion, skill, or hobby that you would like to pursue after graduation? While studying, finding your dream job can be tricky without any experience or networks. However, you can use light entrepreneurship to offer and prove your skills to future employers, to build contacts in work life or customer relationships for future entrepreneurship or simply gain work experience before graduation. When you graduate, you are at the forefront of the job market!

3. Move gradually on to entrepreneurship from a permanent job

Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur, but the risk still feels too great? Light entrepreneurship is a safe way to take the first steps towards entrepreneurship, as you can gradually move from a permanent job to a full-time entrepreneur and build your business in peace alongside a permanent employment relationship. This way you will softly jump into entrepreneurship and get to realize your dream, without wasting your precious time messing with unnecessary bureaucracy.

4. Get employed by working as a light entrepreneur

When you work as a light entrepreneur, you get to showcase your skills to a possible future employer. For them it is a more risk free way to try out your services. At the same time they get to know what kind of person they are dealing with. While a potential employer buys your services, those work as samples of your skills in the process.

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