Entrepreneur – Read our 3 tips why buying services from a light entrepreneur is worth it

by Ninjou Team
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Whether you are looking for an employee or a subcontractor, the safest way to find skillful workforce is to have a light entrepreneur to do the job. See our 3 tips how a light entrepreneur will make your life easier.

1. Care-free contracts and lighter production costs

Buying services from a light entrepreneur is as simple as buying services from any other company or entrepreneur. When you work with Ninjou, our billing service takes care of all the side expenses such as insurances, paying the salary, taxes and all other mandatory costs. Find out more what is included in Ninjou’s services.

Most often hiring a light entrepreneur is more affordable compared to heavy cost-structure employment. You only pay the light entrepreneur of the job itself, not of any hidden costs caused by stiff bureaucracy. Learn more about the differences of a light entrepreneur and an employee.

2. Ensure the cooperation with an assignment agreement

A written assignment agreement between your company and the light entrepreneur will bring clarity to the cooperation and you can both feel at ease. An assignment agreement will ensure that both parties are aware of each other’s obligations, responsibilities, rights, pricing and other details. Before this, you can also request a work sample to ensure you and the light entrepreneur are on the same page.

It can be as simple as an email with both parties agreeing on the terms, or a longer, more detailed agreement. Just make sure that the agreement is in written form, and it is distinguished from an employment agreement.

4 step checklist for proceeding with an assignment agreement with a light entrepreneur

  • Make sure you agree on the work details and the total fee with an assignment agreement.
  • The light entrepreneur completes the given assignment.
  • The buyer pays the invoice as agreed.
  • If it all went well, keep the good cooperation going!

3. If you later plan to hire long term, you know what you get

Sometimes the work life path goes from a light entrepreneur to an employee. When you hire someone who you have cooperated with previously, you know exactly what you get. Light entrepreneurship is a low-threshold and risk-free way to find better potential future employees.

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