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What light worker????

You are free to concentrate on his work, ninjou takes care of the bureaucracy

"A light worker" is not an official term, but in Ninjou it means a contract job or a longer-term job where the independent worker does not have to worry about any of the obligations of entrepreneurship. You are automatically covered by pension insurance and all your employment obligations are handled in accordance with collective agreements and legislation.

This is pretty much how it works:

  • You know about a job, but no self-employed people are accepted.
  • You register with Ninjou and tell us what, where and when the work could be done. We will draw up an employment contract with you.
  • Ninjou contacts the client, checks the invoicing, you do the work and get paid.

So you're not an entrepreneur, you're an employee. However, you can act independently and look for job opportunities that take on workers. You will be able to influence your salary and the price of Ninjou's service to your client will certainly be right and probably always cheaper than other similar services.