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Ninjou and light workers accident insurance

A horse knocks Ninjou's employee off its back, luckily accident insurance provides income protection and covers the treatment.

As a Ninjou light worker, you are employed and we are responsible for arranging accident insurance for your employees, whether it's a one-off temporary job or a longer contract. Our insurance is valid with Lähitapiola.

The insurance cover includes for example:

  • Loss of earnings compensation. If the disability lasts for more than one year, an accident pension is paid at 85% of annual earnings (70% from the age of 65). A rehabilitation allowance is paid for the period of vocational rehabilitation.
  • Medical expenses: The insurance covers the costs of treating the accident, such as medicines prescribed by a doctor, hospital daily fees, doctors' fees and essential travel expenses.
  • Family pension: If the worker dies as a result of an accident, a survivor's pension is paid to his/her family. This allowance may amount to up to 70% of annual earnings and may be paid to the spouse, children and, in certain cases, the unmarried partner.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: the possibility of rehabilitation to support the worker's return to work after the accident.

These cover a range of situations and ensure that workers are provided with income and care in the event of an accident, thus contributing to a speedy recovery and return to work.

See also the LähiTapiola website.