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Construction business and Ninjou

Many construction professionals work in a way that gets their work clothes dirty

As a Ninjou light worker, you can go anywhere on a construction site with confidence. You can do almost any kind of construction work, with the exception of plumbing or electrical work, for example. You are fully insured, from liability insurance to accident insurance. Ninjou is of course part of the Liability Group's ”The Reliable Partner”-service*, making it easy for the customer to check the status of his obligations under the contractor's liability.

Ninjou offers you a contract construction job or a longer period of work, largely on your terms. We act as an employment agency for the client and as an employer for you. The client supervises and guides your work, we take care of all administrative employer obligations from occupational health to pension contributions and sick leave. Your salary will be in line with the TES for the construction sector. You'll be paid quickly, usually on the same working day we receive your job details.

If your work is cancelled due to an accident, you'll receive an accident allowance. If you fall ill and can't make the agreed shift, we pay sick pay for up to 10 days, and from then on it's up to Kela.

*The Reliable Partner-service-link